Boat ShuttlesLe Canon <-> Arcachon
la jetée du Canon
Village typique de la Presqu'île du Cap Ferret : Le Canon
Navire de l'UBA effectuant la liaison entre Arcachon et le Canon
La jetée du Canon

Le Canon <-> Arcachon

Get the true holiday experience on Arcachon Bay: beautiful landscapes, a wide variety of sites, the quiet waters of the Bay, just right for long boat trips. Discover the Atlantic Coast, stretches of sandy beaches and beautiful walks or bike rides.

The town of Arcachon is full of colours: dream villas, seaside hotels and sandy beaches.

Le Canon is home to one of the most beautiful fishing villages on the peninsula. Dotted with beautiful villas by the dune and delightful wood cabins, taking a walk here is a true treat.

: 40 min. crossing

Additional information

  • Return trip ticket, only valid for a return the same day: day ticket not valid after 18:30.
  • Warning: some late morning or late afternoon boat shuttles may be delayed due to a high number of passengers.
  • Warning: bags and batteries must be removed from bikes and electric bikes, otherwise you will not be allowed to board.
  • Wheelchair access possible from Thiers Pier (Arcachon) and Le Canon Pier, but is difficult at low tide, a request must be made at the till 2 hours before departure.
  • UBA reserves the right to modify trips, timetables and fares without notice (see our general terms and conditions)

CROSSING Le Canon <-> Arcachon

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