ExcursionsTrip to the Île aux Oiseaux
L'Île aux Oiseaux et les Cabanes Tchanquées vues du ciel
Un bateau de l'UBA lors de la Balade vers l'Île aux Oiseaux
Une des deux Cabanes Tchanquées sur le Bassin d'Arcachon
Le bateau

Trip to the Île aux Oiseaux

The ideal package when you’re short on time.

Come aboard for a one hour and fifteen minute trip to the Île aux Oiseaux and admire the famous traditional Cabanes Tchanquée huts as you weave your way through oyster farms.

If you want a more complete tour, opt for The Grand Tour of the Île aux Oiseaux (2 hrs.)

: ~ 1hr 15min. guided trip

Additional information

  • Wheelchair access possible from Thiers Pier (Arcachon), but difficult at low tide. We recommend contacting our office 72 hours in advance in order to determine the feasibility of boarding.
  • UBA reserves the right to modify trips, timetables and fares without notice (see our general terms and conditions).

Tour Trip to the Île aux Oiseaux

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