ExcursionsDune du Pilat and Banc d’Arguin
La Dune du Pilat vu du ciel
Cap vers la Dune du Pilat avec un bateau de l'UBA
Des passagers à bord l'une de nos navettes, direction la Dune du Pilat
La Dune du Pilat et le Banc d'Arguin sur le Bassin d'Arcachon

Dune du Pilat and Banc d’Arguin

Set sail for an exceptional natural environment: the Dune du Pilat and the Banc d’Arguin.

The highest dune in Europe, the Dune du Pilat, reigns supreme above the waterways of Arcachon Bay.

After exploring this famous Dune, come aboard one of our shuttles connecting the Dune du Pilat with the Banc d’Arguin.

Destination: the Banc d’Arguin

Opposite the Dune du Pilat, the Banc d’Arguin, a magnificent, gold-sand nature reserve, is a haven for numerous species of migratory birds.

At the heart of the reserve, oyster farmers produce some of the Bay’s best oysters, called Les Belles d’Arguin.

Definitely a must-see! Many people love swimming and spending relaxing afternoons at the Banc d’Arguin. Don’t forget to pack a picnic!

To preserve this natural site, please exercise caution: The Banc d’Arguin is a major nesting ground for numerous bird species.

: Full day

Additional information

  • Bring a picnic lunch.
  • Not wheelchair-accessible. Please contact us for more information.
  • Bikes cannot be transported.
  • Dogs are not permitted on the Banc d’Arguin and the Dune du Pilat.
  • The Banc d’Arguin is a sensitive area, subject to regulations for nature reserves.
  • When you arrive at the Banc d’Arguin and Robinson beach, the boarding point at the Dune due Pilat, you will board directly from the beach by ladder.
  • The first stop on this route is at the southern end of the Dune du Pilat (a half hour walk from the top of the Dune, when arriving from the car park).
  • Certain departures and returns may be modified or cancelled due to the tides, sand silting, weather conditions and the unique topography of the Dune and the Banc d’Arguin.
  • UBA reserves the right to modify trips, timetables and fares without notice (see our general terms and conditions).

Tour Dune du Pilat and Banc d’Arguin

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